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Once again, you food made us as happy as can be!

Duck is my absolute favorite, and the dish tonight was as good as any I’ve ever had. Beth’s salmon was out of this world!

A quarantine anniversary is not what we planned, but it turned out fantastic with your help.

Thanks so much, and we will most certainly spread the word!

Best to you and your family,

A & B

Good Morning, Michel!!

Everything was amazing as usual! From the planning, to the delivery/set-up, the food (!!!), the desserts, the ease of returning the borrowed items, it was simply the best. The professionalism from The French Gourmet was top-notch and helped ease my stress.

The gentleman that delivered the items was the best!!

Thank you, thank you for everything!!


Dear Charlie,

I will call you tomorrow as well, as I know you are off Sundays and Mondays, but I wanted to let you know verbally AND in writing how amazing and wonderful and magical the evening was. Magical and ABOVE and BEYOND would be the theme of the evening.

The crew arrived exactly on time (actually 10 minutes early) and as we remembered, everything was taken care of right from the moment they arrived. They all introduced themselves, let us know who was in charge of what, asked us for information they needed (where the beer and wine was, where to set up) and off they were! Well in advance of the event they were set up and ready and everything looked beautiful!! ABOVE and BEYOND.

I honestly could go on and on – but let me bullet point the highlights:

-Food – FANTASTIC! Taste – amazing!! Presentation – beautiful! The lamb chops especially were commented on, as were the quiches. The dinner – everyone could not stop talking about how delicious everything was. The desserts – both the taste and the presentation were incredible! I had also bought cupcakes and decorated them with Happy Birthday writing and they served that and organized the singing and presentation.

-Service – BEYOND extraordinary! How do I describe the ultimate perfect combination of being there the minute you needed them and being friendly, warm and wonderful while also expertly moving around the crowd as if they weren’t there? That is a difficult combination to pull off and they did it magnificently. They skillfully worked the crowd serving appetizers and dinner while also being warm and attentive and feeling like friends! Cory – our bartender – was my rock as he kept me informed of where we were with the alcohol, who was drinking what, if we needed anything additional (we didn’t – thanks to your expert advice of how much to buy) AND offering to corral the family for a picture – something we haven’t done in….well, I can’t remember when and will be cherished forever.

-Above and beyond – that’s the magic factor. That’s the part that can’t be described that we all remember from the events French Gourmet catered for us 22 and 25 years ago, respectively. To have that same quality and magic for so long – that takes a remarkable company and crew and you all are IT!!! And it started from the moment you walked into our home – made my mom feel special and comfortable – “catered” to all her wishes – worked with us on the menu and the price to make things as easy and doable as possible, suggested the linens and added those in (it looked BEAUTIFUL and I can’t imagine it with the tablecloths she wanted), answered all my calls and questions and just made us feel relaxed and excited going into the event.

Then, Guy, Cory and his awesome crew arrived on Saturday and proceeded to continue the magical and magnificent event that you so beautifully arranged and prepared.

This will be a party that will be remembered and talked about for many years! It was exactly as my mom had hoped and imagined and then some and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

In gratitude,

Bonjour Michel,

Thank you so much!

Everyone loved the food and presentation! The staff was outstanding!

Everything was so great. I really appreciate the care and detail that was put into everything.

I will definitely ask you to cater events in the future.

Best wishes,
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Geosciences Research Division

Hi Michel,
Please believe me when I tell you that should I ever need catering again French Gourmet is the only place to which I will come.


The experience was absolutely divine. Both Guy and Steven were exceptional. The food was excellent. The service impeccable. What is more, the kitchen was spotless when they left. We are already talking about when we can do that again. Lovely.

If I were hosting Thanksgiving, I would take you up on the offer to provide the food. If our plans change, I will be sure to call you. Thank you for making the evening possible.

Henderson, Caverly, Pum & Charney LLP

Dear Michel,
Thank you so much for an incredible and memorable evening. You were wonderful, and it was more than I hoped it would be. My friends have gushed about the spectacular food, ambiance and experience of seeing you at work, and they are all very grateful to you for donating your time and talent to the French-American School. I am enormously grateful and look forward to doing it again.
Merci beaucoup,


Dear Michel,
I hope you had a good weekend. I hear it was quiet. Just so you know, it was anything but that in the Volunteer booth at the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance.

First, you sent me Darling Guy! He is very professional and it is fun to work with someone who you instinctively know what they need before they need it.

Second, the Volunteer booth was filled with the sounds of people telling me how much they love The French Gourmet and how they have gone to many parties that was catered by you. The other sounds were of the many people telling me to tell YOU that the food was fantastic. I saw people going in for seconds and thirds! You blessed the volunteers, security guards, judges, groundskeepers, the band, and even a couple police officers!

Thank you for being fantastic and a blessing to all!!!


I want to thank you on behalf of the Schutz family for the lovely event catered by French Gourmet last night, April 7, 2016. French Gourmet is “beyond perfect” – everything they do is top-notch, professional in every way. You are all caring, flexible, creative, and are like choreographers from beginning to end, every move in place, danced in sync, to perfection.

We greatly appreciate everything. It was great working with you, Charlie, and great to see Guy again and meet his new servers.

It’s a joy working with The French Gourmet.


Dear Michel,
The food you provided for the reception after my friend Don Snowden’s memorial service at St. Peter’s by the Sea Lutheran Church in Ocean Beach last Saturday afternoon, March 21st, was perfect. Everything was delicious and beautifully presented. We received many compliments on the mini-croissants, salads, and cold poached salmon. The curry chicken salad croissants were especially popular. I have enjoyed your soup at the Empty Bowls event so I checked your website for catering options and was very pleased with what you had to offer. Jena was very helpful when I was planning the event and it was kind of you to make the delivery yourself. Thanks very much for making our reception a very special occasion.

Very truly yours,
Brenda Johnson

Fabulous food! That’s what we heard over and over from the 60 women who celebrated friendship and fun at our Girlfriend Gala luncheon last Saturday. We’re a social philanthropic organization so we cannot host costly events … that would make it difficult for us to support as many charities as we do. French Gourmet provided an entree and side dish that wowed us. It fit our theme perfectly —Queen for a Day —so we dined on green beans with almonds and chicken pot pies and stayed within our budget, too. We made each woman feel like a Queen for a Day!

Thank you for working so well with MBWC.
Jeannie Mershon, co-chair Girlfriend Gala


Christmas dinner was fabulous! There is no way I could have had such a lovely day and meal without the able and friendly assistance of French Gourmet. The food and ambience were excellent, and the service superb! Set up and clean up were seamless. My family raved about our celebration at the Pfisters and here. The bonus was that the hosts got to enjoy Christmas too!


The party went so well. Your staff was amazing: so professional, kind, attentive. We have friends who attended the party staying at our house and I just heard one of them say “I’ve never seen a bartender smile so much!”


Hi Cathy,

Cathy and I want you to know what a terrific job Sean and crew did last evening, they were a key component in making the party a success. The food, service and presentation were outstanding. They were organized, efficient, professional and were nice guys to boot. So we thank you and them for a terrific job well done.


Thank you, Edith. The event last night was handled with total perfection. The gentlemen servers were on point with professionalism and warmth. You have been a delight to work with as well. We will connect again.


The food was lovely, the servers were kind and very helpful. I particularly appreciated their willingness to pack the leftovers for the family, the staff, and even some graduate students to enjoy!

In appreciation,


The food was amazing and everyone loved it! I really appreciate your expertise with the amounts to order as well. It was perfect! The cake was phenomenal too! Our event was perfect because of you and The French Gourmet.

Thank you!

Hello Edith,

We are never disappointed with the French Gourmet food, presentation and service. As usual, it was fabulous! The cake was beautiful and the passion fruit was very tasty!
Everyone liked it. I am sure I will be calling on you again soon!

Best wishes,

Hi Michel,
Everything was wonderful! The food was delicious and the wait staff were the best of the best! My parents were very happy!

Thank you,

Hi Renee,

I just want to let you know that our party last night went really well. The French Gourmet staff, Tom and Trent, were absolutely fantastic. Both food and service were excellent. Many of our guests commented on how efficiently and unobtrusively the team worked, and how they enjoyed the food. Thank you for helping to make this a wonderful event.



My daughter ‘n law and my son were kind enough to provide the catering for my mother’s 100th birthday party this past Saturday, August 17th, by arranging it through the French Gourmet.

I just had to write to tell you how awesome it was. Actually, it was impeccable; not only the food, the presentation, the service, the clean-up, but Christopher as well!!! We could not have asked for a better server. He was so congenial and handled every aspect of his duties with style and class. He was so calm, professional and friendly with everyone; he fit right in like one of the family. We did not have to worry about a thing, it was all handled to perfection beautifully.

Your food preparation, presentation, service and Christopher put our party “over the top!!!” Our guests were amazed at the beauty, incredible taste and quality of the French Gourmet’s Catering. We could not have been more pleased.

My mother’s 100th birthday party will be remembered for another 100 years, certainly in part, due to the French Gourmet.

With deepest thanks to you all,

Hi Edith,

Our party went well and we received numerous comments from our guests on everything from the food to the service. We couldn’t have been more pleased with The French Gourmet and will definitely use you again in the future. I can’t remember having a party where I was so relaxed. You and your staff took care of everything, and my husband and I were actually able to enjoy ourselves.

Thank you for everything.


Hi Charlie,

Our Baptism Luncheon was a huge success thanks to you and Stephane. The food was fabulous and Stephane could not have been any better –he took such great care of everyone. Over the years, I have been very lucky to host parties by private clubs and today’s event was one of the finest ,thanks so much to Stephane–he made everyone at the luncheon feel so very special and he has such a wonderful personality–wish I could hire him as a full time employee–he is such an asset to your business and you should be quite proud to have him as an employee.

Wonderful working with you, Charlie, and we adored have Stephane with us today.

Merci beaucoup,

Kudos to you!

We attended our friend’s 50th Anniversary party Saturday, June 18th, and what a great job you did as caterer! The food was not only delicious, but served in a timely manner, nice and hot, and plenty of it! How did you do that when there wasn’t a kitchen on the same floor, at least that I could see? Then to keep reminding me of the good food, we have enjoyed the bread that someone gave us to bring home. Heating it up and serving warm, it still tastes like it just came out of the oven! A real home made yeast bread, not the air filled grocery store Italian bread!

If and when we need a caterer, it will surely be you!
Thanks for your caring way and many efforts!



To say thank you just would never be enough. Your personal addition to the annual Appreciation Dinner is the single most important facet of the event. The folks who attend never cease to praise and complement you and your staff not just for the wonderful food but for the quality and kind of service that we all receive. I would like to ask how I (and even more so, we the folks at OMC) can be a larger part of helping you not just for the growth of your business but for other aspects of what you face every day at the French Gourmet. As you say, we are parishioners together and that means we are family to each other. Let me know how we can be a bigger part of this.
I talked to Monsignor this morning and he was so very happy with the outcomes of the event. You were a big part of that pleasant experience.


Bravo French Gourmet!

Our party was so enjoyable! Steven, Irma, and Alan were very professional, efficient, and personable. They were invisible in their “work”, yet delightful in their “service”. I was quite stressed putting this on SO last minute but you would have thought the party was months in the planning for how fabulously they came in and staged the home for the event. People raved about the food and we had hardly anything left that we couldn’t throw into our Christmas Eve. salad. It was truly a flawless performance by the French Gourmet and Co.!!

All the very Best,

Dear Mr. Malecot,

I have been working closely with Orsika planning a Christmas party at our home. She did an absolutely incredible job. She made a personal visit to my home to examine the layout. The menu she developed for the party was perfect. She arrived early the day of the party to make sure everything was running perfectly. My husband had to make a trip to the ER for stitches in his upper lip right before the party. Orsika volunteered to go and pick him up. I can’t say enough about her attention to detail, thoughtfulness and work ethic.

Our Hawaiian themed Christmas party was a huge success and I don’t think I have ever had so much fun at a party. The staff included Corey (bartender), Irma (dinner prep etc) and Tom (waitstaff). They were very professional, friendly and did an incredible job. Corey perfected my signature cocktail which was a Hawaiian martini from Roy’s. He was very attentive and really fun to work with. I can’t thank the staff enough for the best party of the season. Looking forward to working with The French Gourment in the near future. Thanks again!!



Thank you again so much for a wonderfully executed & flawless event! I had a guest at my Christening Luncheon comment that the servers were so friendly and wonderful they felt like they were “family members,” too. What a wonderful compliment!

The French Gourmet is most definitely my “go to” caterer for any event taking place at my home.

Best Regards,

Thanks so much, Edith. The food was delicious and the service was superb. You were unflappable through rain, electrical outage, guest hospitalization and the delayed departure of the birthday boy. I will highly recommend you as will my guests. Thanks again for your hard work and sunny outlook.

Hi Michel,

I wanted to let you know that your caterers last night were absolutely wonderful! Absolute professionals. I’ve worked with other caterers and they had a million questions for me and took a lot of my time before a party. Guy and the woman (I can’t believe I forgot her name!) didn’t need anything. They worked from the truck so they took up no space setting up. They were helpful and they went up and above what they were there to do. At one point I had center pieces with candy in them, and she noticed the sun was melting the candy. She moved the centerpieces to the shade until the sun went down, then moved them back.

The food was also terrific. I just wanted you to know how great they were. When they left we were in the middle of dancing, and so we didn’t have a chance to give them anything extra. Is there a way I can do that now? I could drop some money by the FG this week sometime. I just want to be sure it gets to them.

Again, thank you so much for everything. It was a wonderful evening, in large part because of the wonderful caterers you sent me.



Thank you so much for catering our small group yesterday. It was PERFECT. The food was fantastic and I LOVED the Green Bean salad (you were right). Jacques was very efficient, helpful and delightful.

We will definitely be using your services again for any sort of catering need. Thanks again for a great experience from beginning to end.

Mary Ann Papageorge

Hi Gina,

I just want to say thanks for catering our party on Sunday. Sergio did a wonderful job setting up and taking away everything afterwards. He went beyond the call of duty when he realized I hadn’t remembered to order cups and napkins. Thank you for employing people who can think on their own and anticipate the needs of the client. He set up the food beautifully incorporating the flowers we already had available into the displays. And afterwards Sergio even took removed the trash and replaced with a fresh bag. From start to finish everything was handled professionally.

And the food got rave reviews. There was nothing left except a few bites of cheese. Thanks to the chef for doing a wonderful job preparing such delicious food. I will definitely be recommending The French Gourmet to all my friends.

Thank you.


Our many thanks to you and your team for providing us with such a wonderful dinner on Friday night! Our guests are still RAVING about the quality of the faire and beuty of the presentation! We’ll definitely be using French Gourmet for future events! MERCI!!!

G&J Garner

Hi Michel!

It was a perfectly “delicious event!” Thank you so much for your help and patience… Everyone loved everything… and I’m sure you’ll have some new customers – myself included!


Dear Michel,
Thank you for the superb job catering my 60th Birthday and Barbara’s and my 30th Anniversary. The food was delicious, and we have never before had a party where we could so enjoy the entire evening. Guy prepared the food beautifully, and Sergio made the table and bar look terrific, and took care of all guests with great efficiency and politeness. So, from the great food to the great service, it was an immensely successful evening.

You will be pleased to know that everyone asked who catered, and when we said ‘The French Gourmet,’ there were immediate nods of understanding why the food and service were so exceptional!

Again, thank you for making two important events so memorable.
Geoff Wahl

Thanks, Debra. The food was delicious. We really enjoyed Ariane and Edith – very nice, and very competent.

All the best,

‘Exceeding the customer’s expectation is a phrase that I hear often in the service industry, but The French Gourmet truly takes this policy to heart.’

OH MY GOSH!!!! You did above and beyond my expectations.

It was over the top. The grandparents were beside themselves. It was a total success. Your staff worked their tails off and were amazing and I wanted to tips them well.

You NEVER let me down. And, though you have many many clients, I never forget you. Thank you for the brie. YOU are so special. I look forward to my next event with you.

You are a wonderful man and a top of mark company. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Merci Beaucoup!

Lorelei Nielsen

Dear Lesa and Michel,

Lucky for me, you didn’t decide to end your traditional wine dinner last year. Thank you for such an incredible evening. Michel, beginning with uncorking the champagne with your sword, your pleasure in entertaining and cooking for everyone was contagious. You have this great desire to make everyone happy that just makes you both incredible hosts. Every aspect of the evening was perfect from the menu to the wine to the desserts to the staff.

I received many calls on Sunday that “this was definitely the best party ever”. Can’t wait for the next one!



I know we called you yesterday but I have to thank you one more time. You and your staff were awesome! I have never been to a better event. I am being dead serious. The staff, food and the execution were flawless. I would recommend you in a heartbeat.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Sbicca
Sbicca Bistro

Michel, last night was just magnificent! It could not have been nicer. Greg was an outstanding manager and the whole team was fantastic — everything moved along like clockwork. The food was delicious and everyone was raving… The wines you picked out were wonderful (we’d love to come in and buy some!)… and the restaurant looked beautiful with the flower centerpieces, the buffets with their floral touches, and the new lighting.

We had two additional people — just want to make sure we add those to the total.

All our friends are wild about the French Gourmet now! Especially the ones from farther away — Rancho Bernardo, Escondido, etc., who hadn’t been to the restaurant before…

You couldn’t have put together a more professional, efficient, and delightful crew to work the party. This is always the case with the French Gourmet, we know from parties we’ve had catered with you all, but each team seems to top the last, if that’s possible. I can’t imagine having anyone else do a party for us…

Again, many, many thanks for making Ken’s birthday a tremendous success… especially with not much notice. You are the very best!

Warm regards and gratitude,
E & K

Hi Lesa,

I am so lucky to have you and Michel to call when I am doing a party. I feel like I don’t have to do a thing. The dinner was wonderful and the staff was incredibly professional. It was the easiest party I have ever given.

I am looking forward to the auction and definitely hope I can get the wine dinner. Thanks for all you have done for me.



Thank you for such great service! Your meal suggestions were perfect for my wife’s party! Please extend my gratitude to the owner regarding Jen, our server. Her professional conduct, promptness, and friendly demeanor added to the success of this event. I will not hesitate to recommend your restaurant to friends and business acquaintances.


My dear Orsika,

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you a week ago Saturday, on the fateful day when everything ‘shifted’ for the better, yet I was ‘caught’ in the moment with a need to unload my disappointment when the original site for my 21st party was so rudely changed. Thank you for facilitating that change with me.

You totally hung in there, with compassion, insight, and the exact words I needed to hear to know that not only would everything be alright, but it would in fact be MUCH, MUCH BETTER… In my heart I knew that was why the whole shift transpired so quickly and unexpectedly; that the universe was delivering the perfect party that I had visualized and felt all along. But you were there when I had to let go of the emotion of disappointment and move onto pure joy and excitement for the best again.

Perhaps caterers are ‘supposed’ to do that…. I don’t know. All I know is that YOU did that for me, and for that I cannot thank you enough.

In addition, the food was PERFECT… more than enough for everyone. The selections you suggested for the guests who I had described to you turned out to be perfect. The set-up perfect, the ‘extras’ of care and consideration, especially on the part of the worker you sent, dear Peter, was terrific. I was very happy, my guests were very happy, and my mother-in-law was very happy. Personally, I ADORED the coffee set-up and fabulous RUSSIAN SALAD. A wonderful time was had by all.

Once again, The French Gourmet and its leaders and personnel continue to prove why The French Gourmet is the very best San Diego has to offer. I am so very grateful to you.

Thank you, Orsika. I can’t wait to do it again!



I did get your message and wanted to let you know that our granddaughter’s christening on the 19th went very well. Kim and her staff were great; they were creative, flexible and very competent. The buffet table was a complete success. Food and all were just wonderful. Thank you very much for helping us. Please let Kim know I appreciate all she did to make the day go well.


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