Family style catering is in some ways similar to plated dinner catering. Guests will also be seated at a table typically with a salad or starter. Once this course has been enjoyed, servers will bring out large serving platters which are passed around, not unlike a special home-cooked meal that you may have enjoyed at your mom’s house with relatives or friends.

Family-style catering is a more relaxed and interactive approach to dining, especially if not everyone is acquainted with one another.

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PROS – In contrast to plated dinner catering, there won’t be a need to ask guests to choose their preferred entrée before the event. This will cut down on the cost of managing the catering details including the need for place-cards.

Unlike a buffet, guests don’t need to wait in-line for food. Family-style catering also fosters more conversation and its similarity to enjoying a home-cooked meal makes it all the more relaxing.

CONS – You may need larger tables to handle the serving platters after they’ve been passed around. This may or may not involve more cost depending on your venue and the size of the event.

Family-style catering will require more staff than buffet-style catering but fewer than plated dinner catering.

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