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I have been a customer of the French Gourmet since its days on Pearl St. and have always loved the food and service. I have used French Gourmet when I've had 10 people in for dinner and the results were amazingly good. However on Dec. 16 I received a terrible meal from the French Gourmet via Door Dash. It was put together by someone at the French Gourmet who had no respect for the customer. I ordered the pear, warm goat cheese and arugula salad and it was awful. There was no goat cheese in the salad, only a tiny sprinkling of bleu cheese. The three tiny pieces of pear I received looked like one segment of pear that had been cut into three pieces. The salad was doused in so much dressing that there was a pool of it in the bottom of the salad container. The steak I ordered was adequate but I asked for french fries and was given the most oversalted, sludgy potatoes au gratin I've ever eater--reeking of onions. It was impossible to eat as it was so oversalted. The grilled vegetables were soggy and had so much pepper on them I couldnt eat them either. It cost me over $40.00 to order this meal and I expected that I could at least eat some of it. What has happened to the delicious food and good service at the Frenh Gourmet? I am so used to your good food that I felt personally hurt that I was fed such bad food.
Mon, 18th Dec 2017

My wife Theresa and I came by last night for our 39th anniversary dinner. We were waited on by Stephane, who was fun and delightful. As usual, everything was wonderful. It's always a great experience at The French Gourmet.


Sat, 21st May 2016

My wife and I, vacationing in SD from Chicago, had lunch Fri 17th at TFG and we were both absolutely pleased with everything at your place. Your wait staff was so pleasant and helpfull. Your menu is classic French executed authentically. Do not change a thing!! The kitchen, the staff, the menu, the wine list, the bakery (I couldn't eat another bite so I took a raspberry tart to go) are all the finest. I will recommend to everyone The French Gourmet. Don't change a thing! You are spot on!

Mon, 20th May 2013

Michel and Michael,

Thank you both for helping us celebrate Dad's 90th birthday last night.  The good family memories will last forever. Dad had a great time, the staff were all excellent and the food delicious. My husband is ready to try preparing duck confit now! I"m sure it won't be as good as yours.



Thu, 3rd Jan 2013


Thank you for dinner last night. It was amazing!! I have to say it’s the best meal I have had in quite some time. You will definitely be seeing more of me eating at your establishment. My husband was very impressed and we can’t wait for our parents to come visit so that we can share our new favorite place with them.


Thu, 9th Aug 2012

Dear Michel,
WOW!!! What an outstanding dinner you prepared at the Johnstons on Friday evening!!!  It was an honor for me to be invited and experience firsthand your incredible culinary gift!  MERCI BEAUCOUP seems soooooooo inadequate!
Count on me for spreading the good word about THE FRENCH GOURMET!  Thank you again for offering such a gift of self to support IVC San Diego's Della Strada.


Mon, 30th Jul 2012

To Our Friends at The French Gourmet,

Thanks again this year for having our TCSD at your fine restaurant last Monday evening.

The food, service, ambience and more was all superb!!! On behalf of us all, fight on!



Mon, 19th Dec 2011

Michel and Jodi,

Everyone had a wonderful time at The French Gourmet last night.

As expected, the food was delicious and our servers were so friendly and helpful - we loved them!  It was a delightful experience all round.

Thank you so much for hosting us.  We hope we can come back again soon.

PB Town Council

Wed, 26th Oct 2011

I just wanted to let you know that I had one of the best dinners of my life last night.... at your restaurant!! 
I have been out of town and I saw the email about the 3-course Bastille Day/Week dinner. It was a last minute thing and I love Chicken Cordon Bleu, so I decided to go. Anyway, I had the cold-smoked French herring with warm potato salad and the fruit tart. Everything was just superb!

Sun, 17th Jul 2011

Hi -

Last Friday I came for restaurant week. It was FABULOUS! The portions were overly generous. Everything was so yummy - what a bargain. I will be back soon.


Wed, 26th Jan 2011

Dear Michel: 

My birthday party was better and even more "delicious" than I had hoped.  Stephane and staff made everyone feel at home as soon as they walked in the door.   I can't thank you enough for allowing us to use the restaurant instead of having the party at my home.  It was a memorable occasion for all of us.



Mon, 8th Nov 2010

Hi Guys,

I wanted to thank you for inviting me down for that amazing dinner the other night.  The food was extraordinary.  You have a great culinary team!  The guests were lovely, and  were very loyal followers of The French Gourmet.  It’s obvious that you really treat your customers like family. 

Thank you so much for your support of King Estate.  Please remember that we have beautiful guest facilities at the winery, and we would love to host you sometime soon.


Kathy Byrd
King Estate

Thu, 28th Jan 2010

Hi Michel,

My friend and I were at the French Gourmet last night for dinner.  I want to thank you and the rest of the staff for the excellent food and service provided.  It was our first visit and we both agreed that it was a wonderful experience. 

Thanks again for the hospitality,


Wed, 16th Sep 2009

Dear Lesa -

It is always a special treat to dine at The French Gourmet. Last night my friend Anna and I had dinner at your wonderful restaurant before going to see a play at the La Jolla Playhouse.

Michael is such a warm and friendly waiter - makes everyone feel welcome and special. He is a great ambassador for the French Gourmet. The food, as always, was delicious. Your restaurant has such a warm and comfortable feel to it - very special.


Sun, 21st Jun 2009

We were at The French Gourmet a few weeks ago with some clients from Texas . I am finally getting back to tell you that we had a wonderful evening! The food, the service, the host, EVERYTHING was perfect! Thank you again for making TFG such a special place to be.

We hope to see you again soon. Keep up the good work !


Thu, 5th Feb 2009

Cher Michel:
Pour te signaler, avant la fete chez Tom Ferrier Jeudi 22, que grace a l'attention delicate de Gino Campbell, j'ai apprecie encore une fois ta cuisine, la coutoisie et efficacite de  ton personnel de service et a la table,  l'ensemble du French Gourmet, hier. au diner du. 20 Janvier .
Je te felicite pour ton  organisation et partage avec ton personnel mes remerciements pour une exquise soiree au French  Gourmet.

Wed, 21st Jan 2009

Hi Michel…Happy New Year to you!

First, I wanted to thank you once again for accommodating the gift certificate on New Year’s Eve. The meal was outstanding, my guests thought they we’re in a fancy restaurant and couldn’t believe how tender the filet was.

We love your food which is why we frequent your restaurant. We would certainly consider French Gourmet for another party we have in the future.

Chris Hobbs

Thu, 1st Jan 2009

Hi Michel, 

Mike and I loved the Wine Tasting dinner at your place last night.  In addition to the fab food and wine, we met the nicest people. 

See you soon!


Tue, 22nd Jul 2008

Hi Michel,

I have never been to a more spectacular wine dinner!! The perfect combination of great wine, Chef Kyle's amazing food pairings, Jodi's organization with reservations and creativity of printed menus, David's hospitality and work on price sheets, and the staff's overall impeccable service and attention to detail. You and your entire staff deserve high praise for all the combined efforts. Thank you for treating me and Tracy to an evening to remember!



Mon, 21st Jul 2008

Dear M. Malecot,
My wife and I have been enjoying the wonderful food and service at The French Gourmet for many years now.  We brought some friends over Monday evening who had never been to The French Gourmet, and we all had a great meal.  You probably don’t remember us, but you introduced us to a French red
wine served in the Eisch glasses that went perfectly with the rib eye steak you were serving for Restaurant Week.
Our friends were duly impressed and will no doubt be returning soon, perhaps with us for a weekend breakfast.  (I think The French Gourmet is the ONLY restaurant that understands how to do Eggs Benedict exactly right!)
We all loved the steak.
Best regards,

Thu, 26th Jun 2008

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